Welcome to NARUTO.nu, a personal creative outlet for Hotaru. I draw, take pictures, read, design small fansites, play handheld video games and have an obsession with Minato Namikaze.

Somehow, these interests will all be displayed in an organised fashion here.



Kotoba no Jutsu
URL: http://words.naruto.nu

Personal blog about containing quick drawings, fangirling and other miscellaneous thoughts.

Alex D. Perreault
URL: http://alexandradperreault.com

Fashion blog using American Girl dolls as the models. Established in 2014.

Paper & Ink

A small gallery of finished art. Coming soon.


In process of being revamped.

Yondaime.ORG is the oldest domain I own, at 10 years old. It's main purpose from the beginning was to serve as a fansite dedicated to Minato Namikaze, also known as the Fourth Hokage, from NARUTO. I am currently in process of revamping the entire site, so it is on hiatus for now. Please check in soon, as I hope to have it finished sometime early in 2016.


Fanlistings have been a ongoing hobby of mine since 2004. While I have seen some friends move on, I consider fanlistings crucial to many aspects of my life - they was a driving force that pushed me to teach myself HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Javascript; I have made friends over the years from all over the world; and it is a wonderful creative outlet for me.

Entomologist: Aburame ShinoThe Definition of Rash: Gold/Ethan (Hibiki)The Greatest Game: Ice HockeyContra Naturen: MewtwoTough & Alert: MudkipRemembered: Namikaze Minato/Yondaime (4th Hokage)Edgelord: Pokemon: Gladion/GlaidioNo Regrets: RubyFree Falling: Uchiha Sarada & Boruto UzumakiBonds: Uchiha Sasuke & Uzumaki NarutoMy Own Path: Uzumaki BorutoClimbing Mountains: Wind (1st ED)